Top 3-point shooters and teams entering 2018 NCAA season

The 2018-19 NCAA Basketball season will soon be underway and our Noah Basketball team is looking forward to seeing athletes compete behind the three-point line. College basketball is unlike any other level; fans live for the Cinderella teams that emerge in March and go wild for every 3 point-attempt made.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten three-point shooters heading into the new season. Not all of these players belong to a ranked team, making evident the importance of putting in individual work during the off-season.

1. Connor Burchfield (William & Mary), 52%

2. Andre Wolford (Saint Francis), 49.5%

3. Sam Hauser (Marquette), 48.7%

4. Anthony Mathis (New Mexico), 47.3%

5. Carl Pierre (Massachusetts), 47.2%

6. Dakota Mathias (Purdue), 46.6%

7. Sam Merrill (Utah St.), 46.4%

7. Matej Kavas (Seattle U), 46.4%

9. Justinian Jessup (Boise St.), 45.7%

10. Lance Tejada (Lehigh), 45.3%

Some of these percentages are higher than what Noah Basketball reported on our Top 10 Greatest 3-Point Shooters in NBA History blog. Steve Kerr had a career 3-point percentage of 47.9%, the highest in the history of the NBA. He would rank only 4th going into the 2018 NCAA Basketball season.

We’ve also been compiled a list of the best 3-point shooting teams to start out the 2018 season. It appears that Burchfield’s contribution puts unranked William & Mary on top ahead of all ranked teams.

1. William & Mary, 43.4%

2. Purdue, 42.0%

3. Marquette, 41.7%

4. Weber St., 41.7%

5. Wofford, 41.3%

6. Evansville, 41.1%

7. Saint Mary’s, 41.0%

8. Idaho, 40.8%

9. Lehigh, 40.6%

10. South Dakota St., 40.3%

Number 1 ranked Kansas comes just shy of the top ten 3-point shooting teams at 40.1%. Purdue is the only team ranked on the AP Top 25 Pre-season Poll that ranks in the top ten in 3-point percentage.

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