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Noah Pro

The Noah Pro model is the system of choice for NBA, WNBA, G-League, and top NCAA programs. Now used by over 90% of NBA teams, this model auto-tags shot data to the correct player without requiring a special wearable sensor or jersey. Just practice as you normally would, and data is collected automatically without staff or players’ intervention.


Noah Backboard

The Backboard model is a dream product for coaches at all levels. Even though it is simple to install and relatively inexpensive, it provides the same patented, high-quality data that is generated by our Pro model. Everything is controlled from your iPhone or iPad. If you have the system on both of your competition gym hoops you can track games and scrimmages, providing you shot charts and rim maps by team and by individual player.


Noah Broadcast

The Noah Broadcast product has now been used by CBS and ESPN to provide new insights during the game broadcasts. We provide unique charts and animations that were before never seen in basketball. These “in-game” elements can be monetized with sponsors bringing new advertising revenue to the broadcast.

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The HOOPS App is designed with the driveway in mind but can be used indoors as well. It utilizes the camera in your iPhone to track straight-ahead shots like free throws and top-of-key 3-pointers. You can train to perfect your arc and depth, or play games like knock-out virtually with your friends across town or across the country.


Noah Product Comparison

  Pro Backboard Broadcast Hoops App
Patented Ball Tracking
Tracks all on-court shots Straight ahead tracking only
Rim Maps  
Arc, depth, and left-right verbal feedback N/A for games Arc and depth feedback only
Noahlytics App for data viewing (iPhone only) Data viewed in app
Game tagging N/A for games
Auto Generated Graphics      
Installation Requires Noah engineering team Simple install performed by customer Requires Noah engineering team Tripod recommended, but not required
Three second video of all shots      
Video Downloads      
Auto player tag via video      
Auto shot type tag      
Weekly reports and custom reports as needed      

The Noah Difference


Unrivaled facility integration

Installed in 93% of NBA facilities, hundreds of top-tier collegiate programs and countless high school gyms, Noah is the only shot tracking solution widely-trusted at all levels of the game.

Options that fit your needs

From core ball flight tracking to state-of-the-art computer vision technology for Automatic Shooter Identification, with four different product options you can choose the solution that’s right for you and your team.

No wearables or special ball needed

Sensors mounted above the hoop or on the backboard capturing the position of the ball 30 times per second to analyze the flight path for each shot. Always on and tracking every shot for arc, depth, left-right deviation, and percent made.

Bring Noah to your facility

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