Instant Audio
Feedback. Machine
Vision Technology.

At every level, players are able to use the product to make more shots and win more games. Already being used by many of the top 3-point shooters in the world, Noah Basketball includes a community of athletes at every age and level. Everyone wants to hang another banner in the gym; start by having Noah above the rim.

What is the Noah System?
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Noah Basketball Shooting Webinars provide insight into effectively increasing and maintaining shooting percentages. Through years of research of millions of shots from professional, college and high school players, we’ve become the experts on shooting. Sign up today to schedule a personal webinar, or register for one of our weekly Monday webinars.




The Noah Shooting System

The New Noah Shooting System measures shots from anywhere on the court, in practice and in games. It gives instant, verbal feedback for shot arc, depth, and left right, allowing players to correct their shot in real-time. This helps them build the muscle memory needed for a consistent shot. The Noah Shooting System also stores all of the data online, allowing players, coaches, or parents to view individual workouts, see unique shot charts and Rim Maps, and understand exactly what areas need improvement. 


Noah Shooting System
Half Court

Includes Half Court Sensor
Interactive Shot Charts, and detailed data,
accessed through or Noah Mobile App


Includes hardware and activation fee.
Price does not include monthly data plan.
Data plan includes all cloud storage fees,
software upgrades, and hardware support.


  • New 3-D Technology Tracks ALL shots taken on a single hoop.
  • Noah Voice announces entry angle, shot depth, OR Left/Right ball position.
  • State-of-the-art Machine Vision Technology
  • Comes with one system for a single basket.
  • Always on, no setup.

Noahlytics Data Features

  • Access to all your players' sessions.
  • Detailed heat mapping charts.
  • Displays shooting analytics, percentages and averages.
  • Shows shooting percentages from different areas of the court.
  • Plots ball entry onto rim map.
  • Unlimited access to your data.


Noah Shooting System
Full Court

The Noah Full Court system includes all the features of the
Noah Half Court System (listed above) for both ends of the court.
In addition, these systems can be synced together with Noahlytics
for in-game shot tracking using our mobile app.


Includes hardware and activation fee.
Price does not include monthly data plan.
Data plan includes all cloud storage fees,
software upgrades, and hardware support.


Noahlytics Data Service

The Noah Shooting System provides unique interactive shot charts and data through the Noahlytics data plan. Noahlytics shot charts provide instant access to detailed data, inlcuding arc, shot depth, left-right, shooting percentages, and consistency. With a Half Court System, you can view individual or team workouts. With a Full Court System you also access full game or scrimmage data. The data is available through or our mobile app.


  • Game, scrimmage, and practice data.
  • Instant, archived shot-charts.
  • Detailed Rim Maps that show exactly where the ball enters the rim.
  • Data filtered by player, shot length, area of the court, hoop, makes and misses, etc..


  • Real-time data includes consistency, shooting percentage, shot arc, depth and left right.
  • Unique grading system, showing exactly what areas are needed for improvement.
  • Players can access their individual data through the My Noah mobile apps.