Noah Backboard Scale

Quick and easy installation

With a few standard hand tools, the Noah Backboard sets up in less than 1
hour, offering the same fundamental shot tracking data as the Pro model, all
controlled from your iPhone or iPad. 


Patented Ball Tracking

Noah’s patented ball tracking system tracks every shot from anywhere on the court to provide instant verbal feedback on the three key metrics of a shot: arc, depth, and left-right deviation. Elevate your shooting with precise analytics and unlock the secrets to mastering your shot.

Access to Noahlytics

Gain instant access to the real-time Noahlytics analysis platform, unlocking a wealth of insights at your fingertips. Explore Rim Maps for a visual representation of shot accuracy.

Link Multiple Systems

Install systems on both of your competition gym hoops to track games or scrimmages, offering shot charts and rim maps for teams and individual players.

Get Noah Backboard for your Gym