From a rake and a ladder in a driveway, to becoming the most used shot-tracking technology for players at every level, we aim to provide the premier solution to help every player reach their highest shooting potential. With years of research and leveraging the best minds and technology in the game, our solutions have been able to analyze over 570 million shots from countless high schools, hundreds of college teams and 28 NBA franchises. 

We are a data-service provider that uses machine learning and the latest computer-vision technology to provide real-time data and feedback to improve shooting accuracy and consistency for professional and amateur basketball players. Noah Basketball products, which leverage 40 issued patents, provide a substantive method enabling players to make more shots. Noah Basketball offers three main service offerings; installation and data analytics to teams and facilities, broadcast shooting analytics and display graphics with the installation of the Noah Basketball System, and the HOOPS by Noah app, the same industry leading technology, but in the hands of all players with the iPhone app.
This was the original Noah system.  A rake attached to a ladder to help with shot arc.

Noah aims to provide the premier solution to help every player reach their highest shooting potential

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Core Values


Be Passion Driven

Every Noah employee and brand influencer is extremely passionate about the sport of basketball and understand the impact the game has on their lives.


Quality Is Guaranteed

After years of research Noah continues to introduce top of the line products to amateur and professional athletes nationwide.


Commitment to Second Mile Service

Going above and beyond for our customers is second nature to Noah. We are genuinely invested in each relationship, program, and product to provide exceptional service.


Ever Evolving and Innovative

Innovation is at the core of the Noah product and 40 patents later still propels us to continual improvement.


Be Results Oriented

The goal of Noah is to make every user a better shooter. We are committed to tracking results to keep our users' shooting percentage at the highest level possible.

Company Culture

Pillar Vision will seek to operate as a “God led” company. The name Pillar was drawn from Exodus, where God led the Israelites with a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. When the Israelites followed God’s direction, they were blessed. At Pillar Vision, we believe that God continues to lead His people and that His people will be blessed if they seek and follow God’s direction. The employees of Pillar Vision will strive for a culture that is consistent with Biblical guidance, including: 
Clean language Exodus 20:7
Sabbath day rest Exodus 20:8-11
Respect for others Matthew 7:12
Honesty Exodus 20:16
Hard work of the highest quality Proverbs 19:15 and 20:4
Joy Galatians 5:22
Patience Galatians 5:22
Self-control Galatians 5:23
Appreciation to God Isaiah 12:1-6
Forgiveness Matthew 18:21-22
Service to others 2 Corinthians 9:13
Generosity to the unfortunate Proverbs 14:21
Humility Proverbs 16:18,19
Humility Proverbs 16:18,19
Perseverance Hebrews 12:1
Low stress Matthew 6:25-34
Harmony Proverbs 6:19