Nick Nurse - We Always Need More Shooters

Watch Philadelphia 76ers Head Coach, Nick Nurse, discuss the Hoops App and how it helps players create the perfect shot.

Tony Bennett - Make More Shots

Watch Tony Bennett talk about what it takes to win championships and how he uses Noah to help his players improve their shot.


Built for instant feedback during practice, automated tracking during games, and in-depth analytics. Noah explains exactly why a shot was a make or miss, and gives you the details you need to improve.

Noah & Noahlytics

Watch the Noah Shooting System in action, and see how the data is updated in real-time on the Noahlytics website.

Tony Bennett - Virginia

"Its easy to endorse it because I believe in it"

Anthony Tolliver, NBA Veteran

“It changed the way I think about shooting.”

Troy University

Troy purchased a Noah Shooting System for the practice gym and saw instant results increasing their team 3-Point shooting percentage from 31% to 36%. One of their guards increased his 3-Point percentage from 29% to 43% after using Noah for only one season.

The Three Measurements

Just what does the Noah Shooting System measure? The arc, depth, and left right of every shot. It also pinpoints exactly where every shot was taken, creating shot charts and unique Rim Maps.

Lennie Acuff, UAH

"No special ball. No chip. You get your basketball, and you go to work."

Simple Installation

Easy Installations. Just install 13 feet above the rim, install the box to the wall, and connect to the internet. The system is always on, self-calibrates, and is always ready for players to workout.

Matt McLaughlin, Kaufman High School

In one year with Noah, Kaufman won their first district championship in 9 years and made 60 more threes while increasing the 3-point percentage by 4 percentage points.

Noah Basketball

Noah Basketball believes in helping each player reach their full potential as a shooter. Our years of research and over 570 million shots tracked have developed a proven method to build consistency and accuracy.

Ronnie Stapler, Westminster Academy

“I’m not a big gimmick guy, but this is the one thing I believe that can help young players. It’s the single best thing I’ve ever seen that can help a young player be a better shooter.”

Will Parker, Dublin High School

“Our players have truly benefited from Noah. Anytime you can give your team or players an advantage, it's worth the investment.”