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NCAA Top Ten Free-Throw Shooters

Posted by Noah Basketball on Nov 29, 2018 11:27:11 AM

A free-throw shot is arguably the simplest shot in basketball. It is uncontested, repetitive and typically practiced every single day. Every player forms their own routine at the free-throw line, which not only encourages consistency in shot release but also allows players to keep their focus.

Free-throw shooting also comes with added pressure. Close games often come down to final free-throw shots that can win or lose games. During free-throw shooting, all eyes are on one player. It’s vital in these situations that players can recall their release and shoot from muscle memory.

The Noah Basketball Shooting System gives players the ability to develop muscle memory with shots taken from anywhere on the court and translate shots from practice to games. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 free-throw shooters in Men’s NCAA Division I Basketball through the first couple weeks of the 2018 Season:

1.   Lindy Waters, III (Oklahoma St.) – 100%

      Shizz Alston, Jr. (Temple) – 100%

      DJ Vasiligevic (Miami) – 100%

      Justin Jaworski (Lafayette) – 100%

      Kira Lewis Jr. (Alabama) – 100%

      Jordan Schakel (San Diego St.) – 100%

7.   Jordan Walker (Morehead St.) – 96%

8.   Josh McSwiggan (Portland) – 95.8%

9.   Deishaun Booker (Long Beach St.) – 95.5%

10. James Hawthorne (Middle Tenn.) – 95%

Through 5 games, Lindy Waters leads the pack, having made 18/18 free-throws. Booker comes in ninth, but through 6 games has attempted 44 free-throws and only missed two, a testament to how important consistency in free-throw shooting becomes in-season. Every shot counts.

By shooting on the Noah Shooting System and analyzing player and team data through the Noahlytics Data Service, teams can better understand why their free-throws were made or missed. This data, in conjunction with the instant audible feedback given after each shot taken, allows for Noah users to adjust their shots and create lasting muscle memory, leading to a higher percentage of shots made from the free-throw line or anywhere else on the court. For more tips on adjusting a free-throw release, check out our latest Noah Pro Tips blog on shooting straight and consistently.

Throughout the season, our Noah Basketball Team will continue to track and report on the top shooters in the NCAA. We’re interested to see how the best players line-up with the best teams and how consistent the players will stay with shooting percentages.

Noah Basketball’s technology is for shooters at every level. Sign up for our weekly webinar to learn more about how this technology can help make you into a better free-throw, and all around, shooter.

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