Top 3-Point Shooters and Teams Heading Into Tournament Play

The 2019 early bracket predictions were released last week. As we look ahead to all of the madness that March has in store for 68 teams,  we expect some player-breakthroughs in the last stretch of regular season. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten three-point shooters heading into tournament play, updated from our pre-season compilation in our earlier blog, Top 3-Point Shooters and Teams Entering 2018 NCAA Season.

1. Schadrac Casimir (FGCU), 49.6%

2. Derrik Jamerson (Norfolk St.), 49.6%

3. Brendan Barry (Dartmouth), 49.3%

4. Justin Jaworski (Lafayette), 48.2%

5. Justin Ravenal (Florida A&M), 48.0%

6. Brady Ellingson (Drake), 47.7%

7. Mark Smith (Mizzou) - 47.5%

8. Payten Ricks (Abilene Christian), 47.3%

9. Cameron Johnson (North Carolina), 47.2%

10. Nate Navigato (Toledo), 46.4%

Not all of these players belong to a team predicted to make the tournament. In the famous words of Coach John Wooden, “The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.”

We’ve also compiled a list of the teams with the top ten highest 3-point shooting percentages going into the tournament. Ricks’ contribution earned his team the #6 spot on the list.

1. Lehigh, 44.7%

2. Virginia Tech, 41.5%

3. Wofford, 41.1%

4. Creighton, 40.9%

5. South Dakota St., 40.8%

6. Abilene Christian, 40.6%

7. Samford, 39.8%

8. La - Monroe, 39.6%

9. Virginia, 39.6%

10. Seattle U, 39.5%

Making the top ten list is long-time Noah user Virginia basketball. Currently ranked #4 overall in the country, Virginia has maintained a high shooting percentage against some of the nation’s top defenses. Watch head coach Tony Bennett talking about Noah Basketball in the video below.


Barely missing the mark is Marquette, who is now ranked No. 10 in the Week 15 AP Top 25 Poll and previously held the #3 spot in our pre-season compilation. Also dropping from our pre-season top 3-point shooting teams list are William & Mary, Purdue, Weber State, Evansville, St. Mary’s and Idaho.

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