Now Used by 26 of 30 NBA Teams

Noah Basketball is now used by 26 out of the 30 NBA teams, making Noah Basketball one of the first sports technology companies to reach this level of penetration within the NBA. 

The Noah Shooting System, installed in NBA practice facilities across the country, tracks all shots taken in the practice gyms, measuring key shooting metrics such as shot arc, left/right position and depth. The system also provides instant verbal feedback to help players develop muscle memory for the perfect shot. With sensors mounted above the hoop, the Noah Shooting System captures the position of the ball 30 times per second and analyzes the flight path, allowing players to pinpoint how to increase their shooting percentages. Data is shared through Noah Basketball’s user-friendly cloud-based platform, Noahlytics, where it can be filtered by shot length, shot type, player name, court placement, makes and misses, etc. This data, in combination with reports that integrate with the Noahlytics unique grading system, provide a tangible diagnosis for what a player needs to do to improve their shooting.

“The Noah Shooting System and the data generated is used heavily by the Golden State Warriors and is a big part of our players development program. We have seen first-hand how it can improve shooting percentages,” said Mike Dunleavy, Vice President of Basketball Operations, Golden State Warriors.

“The instant audio feedback creates the muscle memory needed to repeat the perfect shot,” said Jama Mahlalela, Assistant Coach, Golden State Warriors. “Between the feedback and the detailed reports that are provided, it removes the guesswork of what a player needs to do to improve.”

“This is a big accomplishment for Noah Basketball and our team,” said John Carter, CEO of Noah Basketball. “At the NBA level, coaches are careful what technology they expose their players to, especially when it comes to shooting. It is satisfying to see nearly the entire league adopt our service. We will continue to push ourselves to improve our product and the game of basketball.”