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200 Million Shots Tracked By Noah Basketball

Posted by Noah Basketball on Jun 28, 2019 1:37:36 PM

We’ve hit a milestone — we've now tracked over 200 million shots on our Noah Shooting System! That’s an incredible number! Thank you to every coach, player and mentor who believes in our technology. We know that the drive to be great comes from within, but we are proud to offer a system that helps players everywhere make that happen. 200 million shots is not only proof of the hard work thousands of athletes put in every day, but also of the belief in the power of innovation.

Noah has tracked over 200 million shots by players of all ages and skill levels, including the NBA, WNBA, colleges, high schools and training facilities across North America. Not only have we tracked these shots, but we’ve helped players improve. That’s always been our mission, to help players reach their full shooting potential. 

“Reaching 200 million shots tracked is an important moment for our team at Noah Basketball,” Noah CEO, John Carter said. “It shows that players and coaches at every level are utilizing our technology to make data-driven decisions to improve their shooting. Noah evaluates consistencies unique to every player, challenging the way basketball is played, analyzed and presented to fans.”

Noah was originally built to track a shot’s arc and give instant, verbal feedback to players so they could build the muscle memory needed for a consistent shot. Our newest system added numerous capabilities, including tracking shot depth and left/right for shots taken anywhere on the court. After 200 million shots, we know that the “perfect shot” is straight, 11 inches deep, and has a 45 degree arc. We are continuing to research this vast amount of shooting data to gain new insights on player development and evaluations, presenting our findings at analytics conferences around the country. We are also continuing to listen to our customers and improve our products, which is why new features like Player ID with facial recognition have been released this past year. 

Thank you, Noah users. Here’s to 200 million more. 

You can learn about how the Noah Shooting System can help your team become more consistent shooters and improve year after year by signing up to attend one of our free webinars hosted weekly.

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