Shot Mechanics + Noah: Improve Your Shooting Arc

By using data from the millions of shots taken every day through the Noah Data System, we have teamed up with Shot Mechanics to give you a few tips and tricks that can change your arc entirely and improve your game. Working together, we’ll be bringing you content focused on helping you achieve the perfect shot Next up: Ways to Improve Your Shooting Arc.

In this recent video, Coach Collin walks you through a few of his tips, including Feet Sweep, Body Space, and Feet Turn.

  1. Feet Sweep: If a player were to watch highlights of any good shooter, they would see the shooter sweep their feet; if they are jumping on the three-point line, they will land inside the three-point line just a little bit. Sweeping your feet helps optimize their arc and helps the player become a better shooter.
  2. Body Space: When a player keeps space between their body and the ball they can keep the ball up and the arm underneath rather than a flat push out of the basketball. In younger players, they chuck the ball to the basket because they may not have enough power or strength to get the ball up. Tip: think about tapping your shooting elbow to your shooting hip.
  3. Feet Turn: Instead of squaring up to the basket, a player should tilt their body a bit. If a player is left-handed, they will tilt to the left and if they are right handed they will tilt to the right. Most shooters that have a low arc are the people that square their toes to the basket, and when they go to shoot, the shoulder muscles start to pull down, and it is harder to release. To stop this from happening try turning the player's feet to your dominant side to help the body get a higher release point.

Practice will help a player perfect the three ways to improve their shooting arc. Parents and coaches: help your child or player with these three tips and tweet us the results!

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