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A New Team: Shot Mechanics + Noah

Posted by Noah Basketball on Dec 4, 2017 5:03:49 PM

Noah Basketball is proud to announce our recent partnership with Coach Collin Castellaw at Shot Mechanics. Working together, we’ll be bringing you content focused on helping you achieve the perfect shot.

First up: How to Get the Perfect Guide Hand

The purpose of the guide hand is to establish control of the ball and support it until its ready to be released. Without proper guide hand form, it is difficult to produce that perfect 45-degree shot.

In this video, Coach Collin gives you exclusive tips on how to get the perfect guide hand. These are tips that can help you go from being a mediocre shooter to a lights-out shooter with a few minor keys.

The combination of these guide hand tips and the Noah shooting system will allow you to reach your full potential as a shooter. Are you ready to get the best shooting system on the planet?

Interested to see how the Noah system can help your shot? Sign up to join one of our free webinars hosted weekly or request a free shooting clinic at your gym from one of our top Noah representatives.

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