Shot Mechanics + Noah: 3 Keys to Hit More Shots   

Noah Basketball has teamed up with Shot Mechanics to bring you the best tips on how to hit more shots and improve your shooting game. Working together, we’ll be brining you content focused on helping you achieve the perfect shot.

What’s the secret to the perfect shot? Focusing on hitting our three key measurements:


The rim is 18 inches deep from front to back, no matter where you shoot from. Through the millions of shots we’ve tracked, we’ve found that if the ball is entering the basket at 11 inches past the front of the rim, it’s going to have the highest probability of going in every time. This number might come as a surprise to some, as intuitively it seems that the halfway point — 9 inches — would make the most sense. However, we’ve found that the combination of the right entry angle and the 11-inch mark makes for the more successful shot.


Noah researchers found that over 90% of high school athletes, over 50% of college level athletes and over 25% of professional athletes are not reaching their shooting potential. Why? They may not know the perfect shooting arc is between 45-47 degrees, and anything lower or higher drastically decreases the probability of the ball going in the hoop.

There is a misconception that the “higher the shot, the better,” but this is not necessarily true. Finding the sweet spot of 45-47 degrees will greatly increase your chances of hitting a clean, accurate shot.

Left/Right Position

Most players whose shot is off from the center tend to hit consistently left or consistently right. The tough part about this measurement is that it is hard to tell which way your shot tends to skew based on eyesight alone.

With our Noah system and Noahlytics Data Service, your shots are measured and categorized based on which side of center you’re hitting. This way, you’re able to see how often you’re missing the center and which direction your shot is taking. From there, proper adjustments can be made and progress can be tracked.

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