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Is a higher arc really better?

Posted by Noah Basketball on Dec 3, 2017 1:09:28 PM

Everyone who works with players on shooting technique has heard, “the higher the arc, the better!” While it is true that having a higher arc on your shot does “make the rim bigger,” it is incorrect to assume that having the highest arc possible is the best way for players to make more shots.

We all know flat shots make the ball less likely to enter the basket, as the area for entry is significantly reduced when the ball is being shot with a low arc. As mentioned by The Coaching Toolbox blog, one thing we fail to discuss is that shooting the ball with too high of an arc can be just as detrimental, as players are more likely to lose control of the ball and begin missing short and long. When the arc becomes higher than 47-48 degrees, players’ have much less control over the depth of their shots. In fact, a single degree difference in a shot’s arc can make the ball miss up to two inches short or long. A high arc can also make the shot less soft, reducing the chances of getting friendly bounces.

So, how can players avoid shooting the ball too flat or too high? Aiming for the 45-degree entry angle. Most shots enter the rim between 35 and 55 degrees, but as mentioned, the perfect shot – guaranteed to go in every time – is shot straight and 11 inches deep in the basket at a 45-degree angle.

11 inches deep.040.jpeg

Players can easily monitor whether or not their shot was in the center of the basket, but it is more difficult for them to spot the difference between a 40-degree entry angle and a 45-degree entry angle.

Our technology is the only proven and effective way to track and improve upon the arc of your shot. Using a sensor positioned 13 feet above the basket, Noah captures the position of the ball 30 times per second and immediately gives players audible feedback on their shot, allowing them to make corrections in real-time. Tracking and storing every shot taken, Noah stores all shot data online. This data can be accessed through the Noahlytics website to track improvement over time.

We’ve spent many years investigating the arc of outside shots and how arc affects shooting percentages. Our research includes numerous studies of ball flight, two scientifically controlled motor skills studies and thousands of Noah feedback sessions with players ranging from middle school to NBA professionals. We’ve now tracked over 44 million shots.

Want to see how your arc measures up to the 45-degree angle? Noah Basketball is available for shooters at every level from high school to the NBA, and offers free shooting clinics to allow players to experience the system themselves. Request a clinic now to learn more about how this technology can help create a more consistent arc.

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