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The Three Measurements of the Noah Shooting System

Posted by Noah Basketball on Aug 2, 2017 9:43:51 AM

The Noah Shooting System tracks shots taken anywhere on the court and collects data about how and where the shot enters the hoop. A sensor positioned 13 feet above the basket captures the position of the ball 30 times per second. In addition to tracking where the shot was taken and if the shot was a make or a miss, the three attributes of the shot that are measured are left-right, depth in the basket and entry angle. These attributes are measured from the perspective of the shooter, so the point on the hoop closest to the shooter is always defined as the front of the hoop. The measurement is collected when the center of the ball intersects with the plane of the rim. For shots that contact the rim, the measurement is collected where the center of the ball would have intersected with the plane of the rim.

Noah- 3 Measurements from Noah Basketball on Vimeo.

The left-right measurement is the deviation of the shot either to the left or the right of dead center. This is measured dynamically with each shot by drawing an imaginary line from the shooter through the center of the hoop. The measurements are taken based off of the hoop’s nine-inch radius. A straight shot would yield a reading of zero, verses a shot which lands centered exactly on the leftmost part of the hoop has a Left-Right value of negative nine inches, and a shot which lands exactly on the rightmost part of the hoop has a Left-Right value of plus nine inches.

Depth is the point where the shot enters into the hoop in relation to the front of the rim. The sensor measures the point where the ball flight parabola would cross the plane of the rim, with the front of the rim being 0 inches and the back of the rim being 18 inches. The front of the rim is still defined as the point on the rim closest to the shooter.

Angle is the entry angle of the shot into the hoop. First the flight of the shot is recorded as the center of the ball is tracked during the flight of the shot forming a parabola. Then a straight line is drawn as a tangent to the ball’s flight path as it would cross through the plane of the rim. The Angle attribute is the angle between the plane at the rim and the tangent to the ball’s flight path at the rim.

Left-Right, Depth in the basket and entry angle are important measurements to help shooters understand why a shot was a miss or a make. The Noahlytics Data Service provides detailed feedback on every shot taken and the unique grading system helps shooters understand which areas to focus on during a workout. This system helps shooters develop the muscle memory to consistently shoot the ball straight at a 45 degree angle and 11 inches deep, and ultimately make more shots and win more games.

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