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Noah Basketball + Shot Mechanics: Shooting Arc Secrets

Posted by Noah Basketball on Apr 24, 2018 1:35:29 PM

Having a higher shooting arc does not necessarily mean having a better shooting arc. While players are often told to aim for a higher arc, the fact remains: the higher the arc, the lower the chance is of making the shot.

Noah Basketball has tracked millions of shots, recording data on measurements like make/miss, entry angle, left-right position and shooting arc. Our data proves that an ideal shooting arc exists, and that shooting above this arc reduces the chances of the ball entering the basket due to two main factors: less control and less touch.

  1. Higher Arc = Less Control: Coach Collin recommends the shooting hand go above the eye line. If the shooting hand goes behind the eye and is near the ear, there will be a two-inch difference in the depth or left-right position of the shot by the time the ball gets to the basket. In tracking over 110,000,000 shots, we found that the perfect arc is between 45-47. To better achieve this arc, make sure the shooting hand is above the eye line and not behind it, or else the shot will be less controlled.
  2. Higher Arc = Less Touch: If the shot is too high, a higher velocity will pick up when the ball comes down. Increased velocity on the call causes the shot to drop too hard when approaching the basket, resulting in a hard miss and a soft touch on the rim or in the basket. Players can increase shooting percentage by making shots that end up hitting the rim by optimizing the shooting arc between 45-47-degrees.

Shooters, be sure to practice these tips to optimize your shooting arc and win more games.

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