Improve Your Shooting With At-Home Drills

The off-season came earlier than we expected in 2020 and unfortunately cut postseason play short. Fortunately, doing what we love - playing basketball and improving our shot - can still be done effectively while practicing social distancing as recommended by the CDC. 


With Noah

If you have access to a Noah Shooting System in your home or private facility, spend time on your own shooting from different areas of the court. 

Set your Noah to track one of the three specific metrics - arc, depth or left/right position - and divide your practice time evenly focusing on one metric at a time. At the end of your sessions, determine which metric needs the most work and spend more time on that.

Similarly, practice catch and release from areas on the court to simulate shots you might take in a game. It’s important to incorporate all elements of your shot into practice, including receiving the pass or off the dribble, so you can pinpoint exactly what areas of your shot you need to improve on.

Noah’s instant audible feedback can be your coach, letting you know how to adjust your shot to reach the optimal arc, depth and left/right position. Your coach will be able to view your practice as your shot charts are instantly uploaded and displayed to Noahlytics. 


Without Noah

There are plenty of drills that can be done to improve your shot without access to a court or hoop. All you need is a basketball.

Ball and Line Shooting

Find a line outside. Position your dominant foot center with the line and shoot the ball so that it lands only a few feet in front of you. Focus on making the ball land center with the line. Work on your release, follow-through and hip position to improve your left-right deviation. 

You can add to this, if you have a long enough line to follow, by letting the ball drop and taking a step and jump to re-position and prepare for the next shot off the bounce, until you make it to the end of your line. 

Quick Release Wall Shooting

Find a tall wall, whether it’s outside your house or school, and stand a few feet away. Bounce the ball with a spin back to you as if you’re receiving a bounce pass from a teammate. Catch the ball and take a quick jump closer to the wall as you bring the ball up to shoot and release. You should be close enough to the wall that the ball stays near your body to force a one-motion shot. Your position to the wall will ensure you keep a smooth and high release.

Seated Form Shooting

This is a classic drill you’ve probably been doing since you learned to play. Find a chair and take a seat. Shoot the ball, working on your release, to land a few feet in front of you. Focus on the spin of the ball so that it will bounce back to you. You will know if you are shooting consistently by the position in which you catch the ball after every bounce.


For more shooting drills to practice at home, visit Noah Basketball's YouTube videos with Shot Mechanics or read some of our past Noah Pro Tips blogs below.

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