How Has Sports Technology Changed Basketball?

The game of basketball has changed drastically since its inception over 125 years ago. Most of these changes revolve around the rules and regulations of the game, but since sports technology has entered the arena, improvements to the game are more possible than ever.  Through the years, we’ve seen the development of live broadcasts and stats, first through the television and now directly to our phones through over-the-top services. Instant Replay has become an integral part to almost every sport, sometimes even resulting in a call that changes the outcome of the game. Technology has helped athletes stay safer, with the invention of concussion helmets and wearables that identify warning signs to assist in the prevention of traumatic injuries. Every aspect of sports has changed with the development of technology, down to the materials used in equipment. 


Noah Basketball pioneered this progression, specifically in player performance, but has since also entered other areas of the sport that are changing the game. From making coaching more accessible to improving the understanding of the game, Noah exists to help athletes, coaches and fans. We have listed five areas of the game that have seen benefits (or have the ability to benefit) with the use of Noah technology.


1. The Way Coaches Can Coach


The Noah Shooting System allows players to record shots and practice effectively even in the absence of their coaches. Noah tracks each shot and instantly uploads it to its accompanying data service, Noahlytics, where players and coaches can review from anywhere. 

Further, Noah’s technology allows coaches to coach objectively, looking purely at performance when making gametime decisions. For example, a coach would likely know who his or her best three-point shooter is, but Coach knows that the last-second play will require the shooter to shoot in the left corner, which is unfortunately his best shooter’s weak side. Coach can then rely on objective data to determine which player is most likely to hit the game-winning three from the left corner. 

2. The Way Teams Can Scout/Recruit


In the past, scouting talent has been based on guts, feelings and instincts. Noah’s technology carries the capability of evaluating the potential of a player based on his or her shot metrics. It’s possible that a player with the potential of being an asset to a team offensively, simply needs to adjust one aspect of his or her shot to start making baskets -- from this data, scouts and coaches will realize this player’s potential and understand how to coach him or her most effectively.

Similar to coaching, scouting and recruiting can now be done solely by data with predictive analytics. Player potential is a factor that has gone unnoticed for years, and with Noah’s data, can now be corrected and ultimately, help decrease the number of busts that scouts recommend.


3. Increased Accuracy for Athletes


This is what Noah was designed for, and what it does best. Noah tracks every shot specific to each player and gives instant, audible feedback based on the metric the player is working on - shot arc, depth or deviation from center. Hearing the feedback allows for the player to adjust his or her shot before taking the next one, leading to the development of muscle memory for the perfect shot. 


4. Understanding the Game


Technology has done a great job at making it easier to understand what is going on in a game. Noah is no different. Fans will often wonder why their team’s shots aren’t falling and Noah’s data can tell them. Noah’s technology can be broadcasted live with every shot during a game, breaking down the shot by metric, along with that player’s previous performance from the same area on the court. 


5. Fantasy Sports


When fantasy baseball first started, people would look at the previous day’s box score to calculate league winners based on batting averages, ERA, and wins. With technology, sport experts from ESPN, CBS Sports and other networks have ranked players for each position based on how they think they will perform over the season for the benefit of the fantasy team “managers.” Now, in the world of basketball, Noah’s technology is capable of giving up-to-the-second stat lines and point updates, down to the metric, to make the games even more exciting and the fantasy sport decisions easier.

Sports aren’t just for the professionals and avid fans. Fantasy sports bring people without much experience in the game to the world of basketball and teaches them the sport from the inside out. 

Noah’s technology was designed for player improvement, but the information from tracking shots has improved all other aspects of the game, from the coaching job to the viewer experience. 


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