Noah Signs Exclusive Partnership with Shoot 360

Noah Basketball is excited to announce a new licensing partnership with Shoot 360, a membership-based basketball gym that offers interactive technology allowing athletes to test, train, track, and compete like never before.

This is a big moment for our Noah Shooting System as Shoot 360 will soon add our tracking technology in all seven of their existing franchise locations as the first step in a growing nationwide exclusive licensing partnership. With plans already underway, Shoot 360 will look to continue this momentum, opening new locations every month. This exclusive partnership will be the first of its kind for our team and will help us offer our technology to a huge network of players.

Shoot 360 shares our same appreciation for data within the game of basketball. They train their athletes using state-of-the-art technology and expert coaching to build players that are more efficient and effective on the court. These facilities offer one-of-a-kind access to on-site shooting cages, each equipped with a monitor above every hoop and licensed technology on all goals. The Noah Shooting System allows members to receive instant, verbal feedback that they can actively use to correct their form, helping to build the muscle memory needed for the perfect shot. In partnership with Noah’s data service, Noahlytics, members will also gain access to a personalized dashboard updated in real-time with the specific metrics that determine the quality of a shooter's makes and misses.

Although Noah is currently in seven membership-based gyms across the country, Shoot 360 is the only franchise gym. Shoot 360 will soon join the ranks with the Rancho Sports Center, T3 Sport, NoTime2Chill Skills Academy, Peak City Basketball, Backcourt Hoops and ADAPT Basketball. These facilities all offer young players an intricate and effective type of coaching that is designed specifically to build specialized players with a unique skill set. Across the country, facilities like these, along with Noah technology, continue to influence the game with each player they touch by helping to improve their skills and shooting averages.