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Noah Basketball's New Facility: Joining Innovation and Technological Leadership

Posted by Noah Basketball on May 30, 2019 4:59:14 PM

We track and analyze tens of thousands of shots each day, and with every shot we track, our technology grows smarter. We owe the advancement of our system not only to our team at Noah Basketball, but to the users who put the time into our technology every day. In our new facility, we are able to test that user experience first-hand. That’s why our new Research and Development Operations Center is built around a half-court equipped with our latest technology including numerous depth sensors, facial recognition, and gigabit internet speeds. 



Our new facility allows the Noah Basketball team to continuously innovate. While testing the depth sensors for accuracy and reliability, our court also includes a Spalding Portable Arena goal to test sensor location, vibrations and calibrations on game-day hardware. 

Alongside the court, the office has been designed for remote game tagging and monitoring. Our developers use a feature in our Noahlytics app that allows the user to pull in real-time shot data and tag those shots to the appropriate player, specifically in a game or scrimmage scenario. All of Noah’s data connected to the cloud, so our developers are able to tag any game from anywhere in the country. Noah developers have built a feature that allows the real-time shot to flow into the app in as the particular shot is aired on television. This allows broadcasters to create real-time shot charts, rim-maps, and analytics.

Noah Basketball has had consistent growth since the inception of the company, and we aren’t slowing down. Our new facility incorporates a warehouse space, with room to expand, ensuring systems can be assembled and shipped quickly and efficiently.

The new office is also located just outside of one of the 2nd largest research park in the nation, housing major history-making companies like Boeing, NASA and HudsonAlpha. We look forward to joining a space surrounded by inspiring stories of innovation and technological leadership. 

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