New Install: University of Alabama Men’s Basketball

New Install: University of Alabama Men’s Basketball

Posted by Noah Basketball on Sep 9, 2020 2:07:08 PM

The University of Alabama Men’s Basketball Team recently installed the most advanced version of the Noah Shooting System in their practice and game facilities, making them the first SEC team to utilize the Automatic Shooter Identification used primarily at the NBA level. 

With one year of leading the Tide under his belt, Coach Oats made clear the caliber of program he is creating under his watch. With a new brand of basketball in Tuscaloosa, adopting the Noah Shooting System will help players accurately track their shots, resulting in even more improved shooting percentages. 

“There isn’t a better system on the market to help shooters than the Noah system,” said University of Alabama Head Coach, Nate Oats. “With the emphasis we put on perimeter shooting, it’s imperative we give our shooters the most current and cutting-edge technology available to help them reach their potential. Both coaches and players are able to receive instant feedback and other valuable data on a daily basis. This system will greatly aid our current players, former pros that return to train in Tuscaloosa, and future recruits in their quests to become the best shooters in the game.” 

The University of Alabama is now the first SEC team to utilize Noah’s Automatic Shooter Identification, or facial recognition, which is the newest enhancement in a long list of features making the Noah system a one-of-a-kind shooting technology capturing a unique data set never available before. At the 2019 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Noah Basketball officially unveiled the Automatic Shooter ID technology with facial recognition. This added feature automatically tags every shot from live games, team workouts, or individual drills, by player and instantly uploads it to Noahlytics, Noah’s accompanying data service, for analysis. This eliminates the need for manually tracking each individual player’s shot. The program also records short videos of each shot, providing situational awareness on every attempt. Noah’s Automatic Shooter ID will track shots specific to each player, no matter where they are on the court without the need for additional wearables on players or technology in the ball. 

The three champions of 2019 - Virginia Cavaliers in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals and Washington Mystics in the WNBA Finals - are all users of the Noah Basketball Shooting System. These teams saw improvement in shooting percentage and performance from individual players, leading them to success in their respective organization or league. It’s safe to say they’re hoping to see the same kind of progress in Tuscaloosa this coming season. 

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