Verizon, Phoenix Suns + Noah Basketball

Noah Basketball is excited to partner with the Phoenix Suns and Verizon for the Sun’s new state-of-the-art practice facility. The Sun’s and Verizon have prioritized bringing on key partners and sports technology systems into the new facility in an effort to enhance player performance through data and analytics. 

“The difference between high-level teams comes down to decision making,” said former NBA Champion and Suns general manager James Jones in a recent Forbes article. The margins are small, and analytics are a tool to help you increase decision making. These players want to get better and information helps you improve. Our guys are interested in whatever advantage we get.” 

The Noah Basketball System allows for the Suns to track their players’ performance in real time and gives the Suns a holistic view of the ways in which the team can evaluate their shooting. The real-time data that the Noah System provides is translated through an app that is powered by Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband speeds. This allows the team to see their results without a lag. 

The Suns and Verizon also add a few other technology partners to pair with the Noah Basketball System to give a more accurate view of each player’s movement, mechanics and development process. Together these tools are putting new, comprehensive combinations of data in the hands of the coaches and players. 

We are encouraged to collaborate with such an elite group to build a comprehensive solution for player evaluation and improvement to better this franchise and the game of basketball as a whole. The Suns and Verizon are setting the tone for the use of technology in the sport, and we are excited to be involved. 

To learn more read the Forbes article linked here.