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Team Spotlight: JSerra Catholic High School Lady Lions

Posted by Noah Basketball on Jul 11, 2018 9:10:53 AM

JSerra Catholic High School’s Women’s Basketball team competes in the tough Trinity League in San Juan Capistrano, California, and went 21-8 in their 2017-18 season. With a state rank of 72, regardless of classifications, JSerra coaches Mary Rossignol and husband Tony believe they owe part of their success to the Noah System.

Teams are given access to the Noahlytics data service, where they can review the analysis of their workout and detailed heat mapping charts from anywhere on the court. Noah’s grading system helps shooters see their improvement over time with shooting percentages and averages. JSerra Women’s Basketball holds shooting session during the pre-season, in September and October. During the regular season, they mostly use the Noah system for free-throw shooting. The players who use it typically go from a 60% free-throw accuracy to 80% in six weeks.

The Trinity League is a tough conference, so Coach Tony and Mary Rossignol have to prepare their players to compete. As a small team, shooting is key.

“Every single person we have needs to overachieve for us to find success. Every single girl we put on the Noah will overachieve,” Coach Tony explained. “You can’t have A without B, so if a kid wants to play, she needs to understand the mechanics and she needs to understand the arc [of shooting].”

“We looked at [the Noah Basketball system] because our young female athletes tended to cast the ball at the basket with no elevation. We knew it wasn’t right, so we got a chance to talk with some people and found someone who had the Noah system,” says Coach Tony.

A girl who used the Noah Basketball system from 7th to 8th grade ended up scoring 2,100 points. Her coaches attribute her ability to shoot the 3-pointer to the Noah Basketball system.

The same girl went on to set the school record for career points scored and received a scholarship to play at Trinity University.

“We’ve had students go to college because of the ability to score and it is directly proportionate to the amount of time they put in on the Noah system,” Coach Tony says.

The Noah Shooting System helps teams like Troy make more shots and win more games, because it helps players understand exactly what they need to do to adjust to make shots more consistently. The immediate, audible feedback allows the shooter to make adjustments in practice that help develop the strong muscle memory needed to consistently shoot 45° steep and 11 inches deep in the basket.

The JSerra team has found the Noah system to be helpful for their post players, too. A post that stood at 5’11” needed to learn how to shoot the three to help out her team. In order to teach her, Coach Tony and his wife, Head Coach Mary Rossignol, put her on the Noah system and showed her out to get the perfect 45° angle.

Coach Tony and Coach Mary believe that the Noah system works for every level of basketball, but have especially seen results at the high school and club levels.

“Girls who use the Noah System are like AP basketball. It’s like taking a college prep course,” says Tony Rossignol, “If you use Noah it’s because you want to get the most out of your play against any opponent.”

You can learn more about how the Noah Shooting System can help your team become more consistent shooter and improve year after year. Sign up to attend one of our free webinars hosted weekly or request a free shooting clinic at your gym from one of our top Noah representatives.

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