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Noah As Sport Technology Award Finalists

Posted by Noah Basketball on Apr 14, 2023 3:55:03 PM

Noah works day in and day out to enhance the game of basketball as we know it and build an analytical foundation for the future. It’s always special and humbling for us when we are recognized for our efforts amongst some of the leaders in sport and technology.

We are honored to have been named finalists for both SBJ’s Best in Athlete Performance Technology and STA Group’s Best Technology for Data and Analytics. These nominations motivate our team to strive for high levels of success and remind us that we are on the right track to advancing the sport of basketball. 

Sample of our award nomination materials: 

Noah Basketball became the industry leading shot tracking technology and data-service provider, acquiring enough NBA customers to surpass 86 percent of league-participating franchises.

With the addition of several teams, Noah outpaced all other shot tracking, data providers in NBA customer acquisition and retention. Supporting over 238 million shots tracked from high schools, over 50 NCAA Division I programs and 26 NBA teams, hundreds of customers use this latest, cutting-edge technology to make more shots and win more games.

Over the course of 2022, Noah Basketball used its machine learning technology to further develop a licensing partnership with Shoot 360, a membership-based basketball gym that offers interactive technology allowing athletes to test, train, track, and compete like never before. Using sensors on top of each basket, the partnership allows Shoot 360 members access to Noah’s real-time data capture in intuitive ways to aid in shooting development. Shooters try to keep their shots within the “Splash Zone,” optimized ranges of arc, depth and left/right orientation that help guide a shooter toward the ideal jumper. Various other displays can be toggled on a touch screen monitor at the base of the basket, including dozens of interactive shooting drills and games of varying difficulties, which can be played by individuals, or simultaneously by players either within the facility or on leaderboards throughout the Shoot 360 network. Many drills will involve a pre-shot dribble move demonstrated by an on-screen player; others have the player simulate off-ball movement.

This summer, Noah’s industry-leading technology was also adopted by the BIG3 basketball league in partnership with Microsoft to outfit players and coaches with pivotal analytics as well as enhance CBS’ national broadcast. The same over-the-rim camera was set up and linked with Microsoft Kinect sensors and Microsoft Azure-backed analytics. The high-definition data was housed and converted into live videos and graphics made available to inform coaches on the sidelines and engage with fans on the couch. Noah Basketball’s ability to integrate with broadcasts and adapt the technology to work with other data pieces, sets Noah Basketball apart from the rest. 

Noah Basketball helps to propel the use of analytics in player development, team management and fan engagement by translating the empirical evidence of natural physics, geometry, and statistics into digestible metrics for shooting enhancement. Noah Basketball is the technology that has set and continues to be the standard for sports data. It is the system players expect to see in their NBA facilities and a recruiting tool used by top NCAA Division I programs across the country. 

A huge thank you to both the Sports Business Journal and The Sports Technology Awards Group for their nomination of Noah Basketball as leaders in the sports technology industry!