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Noah Data Scientist Rachel Marty Pyke Joins 2019 MIT Sloan Sports Panel

Posted by Noah Basketball on Mar 7, 2019 4:26:25 PM

Rachel Marty Pyke has been with Noah Basketball from the beginning. Her family’s love for basketball inspired her father and founder of Noah, Alan Marty, to invent the technology that would evolve into the multidimensional tracking system we offer today.

Today, years later, Marty Pyke made her third consecutive appearance at the 2019 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference as a Data Scientist for Noah Basketball. Hundreds of professionals gathered in Boston last week to hear from the talented minds advancing the future of the sports data and analytics industry.

“It was an honor to be on stage alongside some of the greatest sports analytics minds," Marty Pyke said. "The panel highlighted the importance of player communication in sports analytics, making it all the more exciting to be a part of a company where the analytics are driven by a tool that interacts and communicates with players every day.“

In 2017, Marty Pyke and Simon Lucey won the Research Paper Poster Competition for “A Data-Driven Method for Understanding and Increasing 3-Point Shooting Percentage at the conference. Their research analyzed six shoot factors from over 1.1 million three-point shots captured by the Noah Shooting System to quantitatively define high percentage shooting and shooter improvement.

Last year, Marty Pyke submitted her research paper, "High-Resolution Shot Capture Reveals Systematic Biases and an Improved Method for Shooter Evaluation," to the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Research Competition and presented it at the 2018 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Rachel’s research displayed multidimensional tracking as a much more effective way to evaluate shooters compared to shooting percentage alone.

This year, Marty Pyke accompanied Dr. Patrick Lucey on the STATS-sponsored panel, titled “Unlocking the Potential: The Next Generation of Tracking Data.” Alongside Marty Pyke, Lucey was joined onstage by moderator Shira Springer, sports and society reporter for NPR and WBUR; Kirk Goldsberry, NBA analyst for ESPN; and Chris Capuano, former MLB pitcher. Together they discussed the evolution of tracking data, what it will mean for sports, and how teams, leagues, media and fans will benefit from the next generation and increased scale of data being captured.

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