Noah User No. 2 Michigan Finds Shooting Success

Michigan is ranked No. 2 in the ESPN Week 9 AP Top 25 poll. That’s up five spots from when they shot 50% from the field against No. 15 North Carolina.

A major difference in Michigan’s offense comes from sophomore forward Isaiah Livers, who is averaging 4.8 attempts per game – but making a lot of those shots, especially from behind the three. After week 7, Livers is producing a solid 45.7% from behind the arc.

The difference is a result of Livers' and his team's work on the Noah Basketball Shooting System. Michigan head coach John Beilein reflects on how far Livers’ shooting has improved from last year in a recent Free Press Article.

“He’s really worked hard … and worked on [his 3-point shooting],” Beilein said. “Last year, what was happening was he wasn’t consistent with his footwork and the arc on his shot. Down the stretch last year, he couldn’t make any shots.”

Beilein explains the key difference in Livers’ shot since working on the Noah Shooting System.

“You can see much more arch on his shot, and occasionally, frequently, I should say, you see really good rotation,” Beilein said.

Livers’ improvement is similar to the improved shooting we saw from Anthony Tolliver last season. The hottest shooting streak of Tolliver’s career began after an encounter with the Noah Shooting System at a high school gym in the middle of March.

“I literally used (Noah) one time and I could tell the difference in my thought processes as far as what I need to do to make sure I make the next shot,” Tolliver said. 

According to Detroit Free Press, the hardest part for Tolliver was the increase in repetition. He needed to get enough shots up so that he could replicate his new shot in an actual game instead of reverting to his old shot.

The hard work that Livers and the rest of the Wolverines put in on the Noah Shooting System in their gym is translating to the same success that Tolliver has had.

Noah tells the Wolverines exactly what each player needs to do to make the next shot. Xavier Simpson needed to raise his arc, Livers needed to lower his; the Noah Basketball Shooting System identified what the naked eye couldn’t and gave feedback to each player for them to adjust his next attempt. 

As a team, Michigan has shot 46.6% from the field and 36.8% from behind the three-point line in the 2018-19 season.

Watch the mention of Noah Basketball during the matchup between No. 15 UNC and No. 2 Michigan in the video below.