Anthony Tolliver Joins Noah Basketball Advisory Board

Anthony Tolliver, NBA veteran who most recently played for the Detroit Pistons, has joined the Noah Basketball advisory board. Tolliver and Noah Basketball will be working together to forward the company’s mission of being used on every basketball court—both professional and non-professional—to assist every player in reaching his or her shooting potential.

When Carter and Tolliver met in March of 2018, Carter spent time watching Tolliver shoot and analyzing his data through Noah Basketball’s analytics service, Noahlytics. Based on the data, Carter was confident the Noah shooting system would have a profound impact on his shooting.

He was right.

After using the Noah shooting system, Tolliver went on the most successful shooting streak of his career, shooting 53 percent from the three for his final 15 games of the season. Tolliver also broke the all-time record for the Detroit Pistons single-season three-point shooting percentage.

“I got a chance to shoot on the Noah [shooting system] for the first time, and it changed the way I started thinking about shooting,” said Tolliver. “Down the stretch this season after using Noah, I started playing some of the best basketball of my life.”

“Anthony’s shot is solid. When looking over his Noah data, I noticed immediately that he shoots the ball very straight, which is the number one indicator of a great shooter,” said Carter. “However, I also noticed his trajectory was a bit flat and inconsistent. With feedback from the Noah shooting system, he was able to correct the trajectory in real-time and saw immediate results.”

“[Noah Basketball] took a part in [breaking the Pistons record] because of the way I finished and the way I shot the ball down the stretch in the year. [Noah Basketball] helped me get to a whole new level of confidence that I’ve never experienced before in my shot,” said Tolliver.

Tolliver and Carter connected on a much deeper level than basketball. Carter noted that, both as a player and a person, Tolliver is a great fit for the Noah Basketball team.

Tolliver is the Secretary-Treasurer of the NBA Players Association, where he works with players like LeBron James, Chris Paul, Steph Curry and Andre Iguodala to ensure that the rights of NBA players are protected and that measures are taken to assist players in maximizing their opportunities and achieving their goals, both on and off the court.

Since his transition from the D-League to the NBA nine years ago, Tolliver has played with the Golden State Warriors, Minnesota Timberwolves, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings and, most recently, the Detroit Pistons.

Noah Basketball looks forward to working with Tolliver.