'The Noah Effect' by Shot Mechanics Coach Collin Castellaw

Coach Collin Castellaw, President of Shot Mechanics Basketball, is a Shooting and Skill Instructor working to ensure young athletes all over the world gain the skills necessary to compete at any level.  This week, Collin wrote a post demonstrating the stunning change he witnessed in one his player’s shooting after using our shot-tracking and audible feedback technology. To access 11 free shooting drills videos led by Coach Collin, sign up for our Weekly Webinar.

In my 10 years of studying shooting, one thing has jumped out to me. Shooting is not a skill that (can be evaluated on the the premise of “right” vs “wrong.” It’s a matter of what works best from player to player. For every shot, the destination is always the same. The path to get there depends on the individual athlete.

This is one of the biggest reasons I have loved integrating the Noah System into my shooting and skill development sessions. Noah utilizes detailed data and research to determine the exact point at which all shooters need to arrive - the destination. This includes shot arc, shot depth and left-right deviation, making it easier than ever to improve your shooting.

Now, just like Noah, I love looking at data! So, I decided to put Noah to the test. How fast I could increase a player’s shooting percentage and muscle memory using Noah’s system?

I brought in Tanner, a power forward at an NAIA college in the midwest. He’s a capable catch-and-shoot player but has struggled with his consistency in the past.

I had him warm up and shoot 100 catch-and-shoot 3-point shots. At this point, I had the Noah System on tracking all of his data, but I did not have the audible feedback on. He shot 5 shots at each spot and rotated around the court twice. After a quick break, I had him repeat the exact same process but with one crucial difference. I turned on Noah’s audible feedback so Tanner could get real-time feedback on his shot arc angle.

The results blew us away.

Not only did Tanner instantly increase his shooting percentage by 10%, but he also substantially tightened his miss clusters, meaning that he had a lot more shots “almost” go in. He improved his consistency in all three major categories that Noah tracks - average arc, average depth and average left/right deviation.

Both Tanner and I were stunned. In a matter of minutes, we watched his jumper transform without any mechanical tweaks. I knew that the Noah System was powerful, but I had never pictured that it would be this fast and this effective. Imagine optimizing that muscle memory over time. Imagine the power of every rep when you’re training for that specific destination.

That’s what I like to call ”The Noah Effect.”

Coach Collin Castellaw

Shot Mechanics Basketball