How to Prepare for the Basketball Season

Regardless of talent or size, with time and effort, every player can improve his or her game. Nothing changes the fact that the best players make the team, gain the trust of coaches and win the starting job, but to some degree, especially at the high school level, “the best” are simply those who put in the most effort. As school starts and student-athletes begin to prepare for tryouts and practice for the upcoming season, here are the three things any player can do, and every player should do, to make the most of the remaining “offseason.”

1. Take an extra rep.

Practice makes perfect, undoubtedly. When it comes to shooting or developing your skills as a player, it's important to build muscle memory. The way to build muscle memory is through constant practice. Take an extra ten shots after practice. Set up a course in your driveway to run dribble drills. Rep out another set in the gym. Push harder now so when external pressures push your mind, your body can respond without hesitation. The pros didn’t become pros overnight. It takes dedication, hard work and commitment. 

2. Be coachable. 

No one is perfect. Your coaches are there to help you become a better player and teammate. Listen to their feedback and advice. The best players listen to their coaches, take their feedback and implement it in practice and the game. If you are struggling with your shooting or a specific skill, ask your coach how to improve and what they are looking for in that position. This shows your commitment to developing yourself as a player and to putting in the effort needed to achieve your goal. Don’t wait to be coached, take initiative and make yourself coachable.

3. Make the hustle plays. 

Everyone will miss a shot, mess up a play, or miss a pass, but it's what they do after those mistakes that sets the best players apart. No one can completely avoid mistakes, but everyone possesses the ability to make the hustle plays. Dive for the ball, box out an opponent, take a charge, go after a loose ball. Think in detail about what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. The players that make the hustle plays to influence the success of the team more than any individual playmaker. 

These tips can help turn you from an average player to a crucial member of the team. Noah Basketball has helped countless players prepare for tryouts and the season, but it's up to the player to make the changes that affect their game. The Noah System provides instant audio-feedback after a shot is attempted, however, it is up to the player to make the corrections on the next shot. If you have access to a Noah system, throw up a couple extra shots today. Use the in-depth insights to analyze each key element of your shot and make the specific adjustments to increase your consistency and confidence.