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Evolution of Noah Basketball

Posted by Noah Basketball on Sep 8, 2017 3:29:48 PM

Noah Basketball has come a long way. What started out as a rake and a ladder in a driveway is now a state-of-the-art system being used by professional, college and high school athletes.

So, how did Noah transition from a rake, to a 2D product, to a 3D system with a state-of-the-art analytics system? Feedback. Over the years, the Noah team has taken feedback from NBA and college coaches, as well as elite players using the system. Coaches loved the system, but wanted players to be able to shoot from anywhere on the court. The new Noah Shooting delivers, and introduces many new features such as automated shot tracking.

Alex Perkins, a former shooting guard for Birmingham-Southern College, has used both the old and the new Noah system.

“When Noah first came out, it was a really innovative, never-before-seen product. To be one of the first adopters of the Noah Basketball system was pretty cool,” said Perkins.

“Being able to shoot from anywhere on the court is a game-changer,” said Perkins of the updated technology. While the old system presented some limitations in practice, the new Noah can track shots for an entire practice or scrimmage, providing coaches and players with more opportunities to track and improve shots from different locations on the court.

The original Noah mounted to the wall and required that you shoot straight ahead toward the basket, meaning players could only track shots from one location on the court. Now, the updated system sits 13 feet above the basket, making it capable of tracking shots from anywhere on the floor.

The 3D technology also opens the possibility for teams and players to track shots in-game. “If we had been able to track shots in-game, it would have been incredible. I think it is awesome that the new system allows for this possibility,” commented Perkins of the product’s new capability.

The new Noah system has also been upgraded to report on all three components of the perfect shot. While the first Noah system measured one out of the three – entry angle – the new Noah system measures three critical factors: left-to-right position of the ball, entry angle and depth in the basket.

Noah- 3 Measurements from Noah Basketball on Vimeo.

This means rather than receiving feedback of ‘41 degrees, 11 inches deep,’ Noahlytics will report ’41 degrees, 8 inches deep and 3inches to the right.’ By adding this third component, Noahlytics is able to better measure why players are making or missing their shots.

Noah Voice has also improved. While adopters of the original Noah system may recall the iconic “forty-five” being relayed over the Noah speakers, those with the updated system have the opportunity to receive instant audible feedback on entry angle, shot depth and arc.

Have an old Noah system and interested in upgrading? Check out all of the new product features here. The new Noah Basketball is available for shooters at every level from high school to the NBA. To test the new system, request a clinic now.

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