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Noah Basketball has developed the only technology that can provide instant feedback about your shooting. From arc to depth, Noah is able to break down your shot and give you the tools you need to improve shooting and increase shooting percentages. You will see improvement in your shooting the moment you start.

Top Shooting Teams of the NBA's Returning 22: Part I

The NBA has finally announced their plan for a return, giving the 22 top teams at the time of suspension a chance to make a 16-team playoff. Fans, organizations and players alike are all not-so patiently waiting to find out who has put in the work...

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NBA Scouting in the New Normal

Any other year, players, agents and NBA scouts (teams) would be right in the thick of events for the upcoming NBA draft. Attending agent-held workouts, team interviews and preparing for the NBA Draft Combine. But this year brings a new challenge....

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How Has Sports Technology Changed Basketball?

The game of basketball has changed drastically since its inception over 125 years ago. Most of these changes revolve around the rules and regulations of the game, but since sports technology has entered the arena, improvements to the game are more...

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Improve Your Shooting With At-Home Drills

The off-season came earlier than we expected in 2020 and unfortunately cut postseason play short. Fortunately, doing what we love - playing basketball and improving our shot - can still be done effectively while practicing social distancing as...

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