Featured Player: Karley Marty - Duke Club Basketball

Karley Marty97% Free Throw Shooting

Noah System at Home is a Competitive Advantage

Karley Marty, sophomore at Duke University, was starting shooting guard for the Duke Traveling Club Team. Because Karley had a Noah system at her home while in high school, she was able to practice with the system as part of her routine shooting workouts. Then at Duke, Karley continued her Noah workouts by using Duke's Noah system, thus maintaining the strong muscle memory required of all premier shooters.

Karley's free throw shooting skill was highlighted at the East Coast Club Basketball Tournament where the annual championship of the 30 team league was decided. In the three tournament games of the final playoff weekend, Karley shot 34 for 35 from the line, an outstanding 97%. Most of these free throws occurred in the final five minutes of each of these tightly contested games. Duke won the 3rd place trophy, the best showing ever by the Duke team in the history of the league. "It was such a huge accomplishment for the Duke team to perform so well and each of those free throws was important to the victories," said Karley.

East Coast Club Basketball Tournament
Karley Marty Free Throw Stats
vs. Penn State 12 for 12
vs. North Carolina 9 for 10
vs. Loyola 13 for 13
Tournament total 34 for 35 (97%)

Going forward, Karley will continue to practice with the Duke Noah system while at college and with her own home Noah system during summer and holiday breaks. She has added the Noah link to her Facebook page as a way of recommending Noah to her friends.