Steve Kerr Shares the Secret Behind the Warriors' Strong Shooting Technique

Posted by Noah Basketball on May 29, 2020 4:17:21 PM

Did you catch Steve Kerr on his latest episode of his Flying Coaches podcast?


Steve and Pete Carroll were joined by author Michael Lewis ('Moneyball,' 'The Blind Side,' and 'The Big Short') to talk about how advancements in technology are affecting sports and whether or not a coach can change a player's natural ability. 


Michael posed the question, “There’s got to be some provable best for how to shoot a basketball, right?”.  Steve quickly jumps in to reference Noah Basketball as the game-changing technology the Warriors are using in practice and in games.


“It films and measures the arc of a player's shot,” said Kerr. “Between the film and this data, you get a really good idea of how consistent a player is with his shot. For example, you can see if a player needs more loft in his shot, which would tell you to make the adjustment for a higher release.”


Kerr goes on to mention that the NBA is in the early stages of how to best make use of this technology and utilize it at its fullest potential.  


Noah basketball is the first shot tracking technology to use facial recognition to make tracking easier and instantaneous for coaches, players, and analysts to develop and evaluate perfect shooting form. As Kerr alluded, many teams in the NBA, WNBA and NCAA are already taking advantage of the Noah Technology in all of their facilities. 


You can learn about how the Noah Shooting System can help your team become more consistent shooters and improve year after year by signing up to attend one of our free webinars hosted weekly.

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