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How Noah is Changing the Game

Posted by Noah Basketball on Aug 18, 2017 3:32:27 PM

How Noah is Changing the Game

When searching how to make the perfect shot, you’ll find hundreds of blogs that preach the same things: correct stance, release-follow through, good elbow alignment, low to high body motion – the list goes on.

While these points are tried and true, it’s almost impossible for coaches to track players’ unique shooting needs in all of these areas. The same goes for the players, as practice and muscle memory can only go so far when the specific factors that determine a make or a miss are largely unknown.

Noah basketball is changing this. No longer do teams have to rely on imperfect expertise and traditional stats – with the Noah Shooting System and Noahlytics Data Service, shooters understand why each shot was made or missed by receiving instant audible feedback that allows for immediate adjustments. Learn more about how the product works here.

Noah is an invaluable asset to a team – just ask the 10+ NBA teams currently using the system. But Noah’s benefits go beyond shot mechanics; teams with Noah experience improvement in efficiency, work ethic and motivation both during practice and in the offseason.

Noah Basketball:

  • Creates game-like competition: Players who use Noah are given ratings based on the quality of their shots – ratings that both the team and the coaches have access to. Not only does this encourage players to compete against their own scores, but the scores of other players on the team. This “gamification” of shooting incentivizes players to work that much harder to improve their scores.
  • Puts players in charge of their success: Noah provides players with specific, actionable feedback on their performance, giving players control and ownership of their shooting success. Coaches can task players with improving their shot by a certain metric, such as arc, depth and location, all of which are tracked in great detail. Coaches can also see exactly who is putting up the extra shots – and the quality of those shots – on the off days.
  • Provides more incentive in offseason: Take this lesson from the Minnesota Lynx, whose players have been using Noah to improve during the offseason.

    Lynx player Seimone Augustus is a great example who, prior to Noah, shot 29% from the three and is now (as of 8/15/17) shooting 45% from the three. Their work with Noah both during and off-season has paid off as the team has gone from a low-level shooting team to the fourth best three point shooters in the WNBA.

Technology has already reinvented the way we watch and consume basketball, and now it’s changing the way we practice and play. Teams with Noah have a huge competitive advantage, one that will only continue to grow as players use the system.

Noah Basketball is available for shooters at every level from high school to the NBA, and offers free shooting clinics to allow players to experience the data found in the Rim Map for themselves. Request a clinic now to learn more about how this technology can help create more consistent shooters. 


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