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Customer Highlight: Elkmont High School

Posted by Noah Basketball on Apr 2, 2021 12:14:45 PM

Noah Basketball aims to give players and coaches the most valuable tool to build muscle memory, increase motivation and accountability and, ultimately, improve shooting percentages and consistency. While the philosophy of the system’s success leans on encouraging accurate repetition and replication, its effect on each customer is unique. Elkmont High School is one program that has seen tremendous improvement over the last couple years due to the specific attention the players and coaches give to training. 

Located in North Alabama in the town of Elkmont, the Lady Devils girls basketball team has truly integrated Noah within all their programs, from middle school, through varsity. Head Coach Samual Wallace has seen first-hand the impact Noah Basketball’s Shot Tracking System has made on his team. He and the Red Devils’ coaching staff created a program that is driven by data. The analytics play a major role in shaping their program’s strengths on the court, leading them to adjust defensive schemes, pace of play, playing time, and desired shooters. 

“Our biggest strength this season was our ability to shoot the ball as a team. Noah played a huge part in that.  Shooting covers a lot of sins in basketball and we don't go from 3-26 in one year to 21-10 the next without the Noah system. It was a huge part of our success," says Coach Wallace. In the 2019-2020 season, Elkmont averaged 36.2 PPG, 30.3% from the field, 25.3% from behind the arc, and 56.5% from the charity stripe. Since the install, the team has seen huge improvements, averaging 51.9 PPG, 39.5% from the field, 31.9% from 3, and 59.5% from the free throw line. 

“One of the benefits of the Noah System is not only the analytics, but how easy the system is to use,” explains Coach Wallace. “I don't have to even be in the gym for the system to coach our players,” said Wallace. “Our girls love the audio feedback. They love the sound effects it makes when they match all 3 components together.” Several players have even seen specific improvements in their game. "My shot when I first started using Noah was around 41 degrees and I was a really streaky shooter.  It helped me improve my arc up to 45-47 degrees.  Once I did that I became a much more consistent shooter," says sophomore Abbie Broadway. 

The true win is not only the one-off individual improvements, but the comprehensive adjustment it’s made on the team’s mindset. “I saw the excitement, motivation, and determination in all of our girls to want to become good if not great shooters. Noah is a tremendous asset to us, not just with the real-time feedback it gives, but the excitement it created in our program and our school,” explains Assistant Coach/JV Head Coach Patrick Chambless.

The Elkmont Lady Devils, by implementing the Noah system at all levels of their program, are poised to see even more improvements in the coming years as their younger crop of talent continues to buy in and invest the time to develop the perfect shot.