Noah Basketball

Noah Basketball has developed the only technology that can provide instant feedback about your shooting. From arc to depth, Noah is able to break down your shot and give you the tools you need to improve shooting and increase shooting percentages. You will see improvement in your shooting the moment you start.

Noah As Sport Technology Award Finalists

Noah works day in and day out to enhance the game of basketball as we know it and build an analytical foundation for the future. It’s always special and humbling for us when we are recognized for our efforts amongst some of the leaders in sport and...

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The Art and Science of 45/11

In the basketball world we recognize the artistry of the game. When played the right way it flows seamlessly from one possession to the next. Basketball is smooth like jazz, it’s improvisational, free reign, and overall a truly beautiful experience....

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Practice Perfect, Play Perfect

It’s no secret that practice is an integral part of progressing as a basketball player. While some players are born with undeniable talent, the greatest in the game earned their success by enriching that talent with hard work and dedication to the...

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How to Prepare for the Basketball Season

Regardless of talent or size, with time and effort, every player can improve his or her game. Nothing changes the fact that the best players make the team, gain the trust of coaches and win the starting job, but to some degree, especially at the...

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