Form Confidence,
Build Muscle Memory
and Improve Shooting

Noah works by providing players immediate, objective verbal feedback with each shot taken. This allows players to self-correct their shot and build muscle memory. The results are increased Skill Levels and Shooting Percentages.

Free Throw Shooting Competition

For twenty years, basketball coaches and athletes tried to increase shooting percentage, but they have maxed out. Both 3-point and free throw shooting percentages for the NBA and college have been flat for twenty years.

What started with a rake in a driveway and the vision to teach a better basketball shot, Alan Marty invented Noah Basketball while trying to get his daughter to shoot the ball at the proper height.

Years of research and 100,000,000 shots later, Noah Basketball identified the elements of a perfect shot. Shooters need strong muscle memory to consistently shoot the ball straight, at a 45-degree angle, and 11 inches deep into the basket, which is two inches past center.

Noah gives my players audio feedback every time they shoot. It teaches them to focus on getting the right arc and getting a repeatable stroke.
Tony Bennett
University of Virginia - Head Coach