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Basketball Shooting Arc

Why Shot Arc Affects Shooting Percentages

Your shot arc has a direct affect on your shooting percentages. Learn more about how shooting the correct arc will increase shooting percentages and put more points on the board.

Guaranteed Scoring Zone

Guaranteed Scoring Zone

Within a basketball hoop there is a zone that, if the basketball passes through, is guaranteed to score. Watch this video to learn more.

basketball shooting arc

What is the Correct Shot Arc?

A player's shot arc will directly affect their shooting and can be difference between a make and a miss. So what is the correct shot arc? Watch the video to learn more.

Basketball Shot Depth

What is the Correct Shot Depth?

The best shooters are not only shooting the correct arc but they are shooting deep into the basket as well. Watch this video to find out the optimal shot depth.

Before and After Arc Plots

Before and After Arc Plots

See arc plots from players who improved using the Noah System. This video will show you the before and after arc plots of players who listened to the Noah Instant Feedback and became more consistent and efficient shooters. 

Great Shooting Percentages

What Enables a Great Shooting Percentage

What can a player do to increase their shooting percentage? Watch this video to see the secret behind all great shooting percentages.

Flat Shooters

Flat Shooters with Shot Arc Feedback

Watch a flat shooter listen to the Noah Instant feedback and adjust their arc from the low 40°'s to the perfect 45° shot arc.

High Shooters

High Shooters with Shot Arc Feedback

A player with too high of a shot arc, listens to the Noah Instant feedback, and adjusts her shot to the perfect 45° shot arc.


Shooting with Shot Depth Feedback

Watch a player who struggles shooting deep into the basket, listen to the Noah Depth Feedback, adjust their shot, and begin shooting 11" deep into the basket.


Arc Plot Explanation

Noah Basketball CEO, John Carter, goes over how to read and understand the Noah Basketball Arc Plot.


Alignment Tips

Many players are taught "Toe-on-the-nail." in this video we discuss why the alignment technique,"ball-on-the-nail," is a much better method to shooting free-throws.