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Noah Basketball offers the only basketball shooting aid that can correctly measure the arc and depth of every shot taken while giving instant feedback to the shooter. The instant feedback allows immediate adaptability and correction to the shot, building muscle memory and confidence within the shooter. Having a Noah Shooting system will not affect the way you currently practice and can be used with multiple teams. It is not just another basketball shooting aid but a shooting coach that builds shooting improvements in both teams and individuals. Continue below to find the perfect Noah Basketball Shooting Aid for you and your team.

Noah Instant™
Noah Instant


Noah Select™
Noah Select


  • Handle and wheels for easy maneuvering and set-up
  • Use indoor and outdoor
  • Lines up simply on the sideline
  • Sturdy steel frame construction
  • Noah Voice™ announces entry angle or distance
  • Objectively ranks skill level
  • Instant video review
  • Coaching Reports track player workouts and improvements
  • Practice just as you do now
  • Multiple teams in one system
  • Printer ready to provide player Arc Plots
  • Dell™ laptop included, Noah™ software pre-Loaded
  • State-of-the-art Machine Vision Technology
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