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THE ARC, Noah Basketball Blog - Nov 12, 2013
UVA Coach, Tony Bennett, Endorses Noah Basketball - June 23, 2013
Noah Basketball Launches New Community Website - October 27, 2012
Ray Allen Meets Noah for First Time

Huntsville Times - July 29, 2012
An Elkmont Man Gets Miami Heat-Approval with Noah Basketball Product - May 10, 2012
Science of Swish: Coaches, Players Search 'Perfect' Shot - February 6, 2012
Dwyane Wade's New Magic Number: 45 - February 6, 2012
Dwyane Wade on FT Improvement with Noah - January 10, 2012
Noah's Computerized Camera, Voice Helps Shooters Find Their Groove - September 28, 2011
"Noah" Comes to Brother Rice - February 20, 2011
Heat's Jones wins 2011 3-Point Shoot Out

ESPN - February 19, 2011
NBA 3-Point Shootout Winners - January 20, 2011
The Miami Heat and the Noah Shooting System

Fox Sports Florida - January 20, 2011
Noah Helping Heat Find Their Arc in Practice

The New York Times - December 27, 2010
Shooting Lab Helps Make Swishes Come True

The Sailors' Log - Mona Shores HS - December 17, 2010
Noah's Arc: B-ball teams use machine to improve

Building The Perfect Arc - May/June 2010
by Michael Austin, Senior Editor Winning Hoops Magazine
Noah Basketball researchers prove that players score more shots with a medium height 45 degree arc and a distance of 11 inches.

Gwinnett Daily Post
Shooting lab mixes technology, basketball

The Detroit News - January 20, 2009
Noah sucess stories from high shool and college users.

The Denver Post - December 18, 2008
An article on Noah use at the university level and in the NBA.

Le Mars Daily Sentinel - March 25, 2008
Alan Marty, inventor, helps players build the “perfect arc”.

NY Times - January 15, 2007
An article on Mavericks shooting coach, Gary Boren.

The Roanoke Times - October 15, 2006
Virginia Tech uses Noah to improve team free throw percentage.

The Albuquerque Tribune - July 31, 2006
University of New Mexico purchases its second Noah for shooting improvement.

The Phog Blog - June 13, 2006
Shooting improvement data from Noah users.

Lawrence Journal-World - June 13, 2006
University of Kansas star demonstrates Noah system for campers.

Hometown - April 17, 2006
Michigan basketball camp highlights state-of-the-art Noah system.

Wisconsin State Journal - February 15, 2006
The article describes the shooting success of a University of Wisconsin athlete using Noah.

Des Moines Register - November 21, 2005
The article describes the success of Noah and introduces a new Noah
distributor, Iowa State Champion coach Mark Hutcheson.

Yahoo! Sports - November 12, 2005
The article describes Noah being used by Coach Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals.

Detroit News - March 15, 2005
The article describes Oakland University's success in earning their first berth in the NCAA tournament, and how Noah is part of their training regimen.

Detroit News - Sept. 29, 2004
The article describes the Noah installation at Oakland University in Michigan.

Christian Broadcasting Network - December, 2003
The article describes the development of the revolutionary Noah system and the background of its inventors.

USAToday - May 21, 2003
The article describes how the Dallas Mavericks made 49 free throws in a row on their way to winning the first game of the NBA Western Conference finals.

Stanford Magazine - May/June, 2003
The article describes the team that developed Noah and how the product operates.

San Francisco Chronicle - February 24, 2003
The article describes how teams are scoring less than ever with 26 out of 29 NBA teams averaging less than 100 points per game.

USAToday Cover Story - February 7, 2003
The article describes the development of the Noah product and the use of Noah by the Dallas Mavericks. It includes video coverage of a Mavericks workout with Noah.

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