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Noah FREE Basketball Shooting Clinics

Shoot with Confidence. Win Games.

Noah offers FREE, no obligation shooting clinics in your gym, with your players. Noah shooting clinics are fast-paced, interactive and designed to educate players, coaches and fans on how to effectively increase and maintain shooting percentages. Noah Shooting Clinics are guaranteed to give you information on shooting and allow you to see and compare shots like never before.

  • Clinics are approximately 90-minutes.
  • Up to 35 players may participate.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend
  • Schools who host Noah Shooting Clinics are eligible to win a Noah Shooting System

Basketball Clinics Include:

  • Player Shooting Time on Noah
  • Noah Skill Levels
  • Arc Plots
  • Characteristics of a Great Shooter
  • Shot Distance
  • Shot Alignment
  • Finding Your Arc
  • Release Point
  • Muscle Memory Training
  • Video Analysis

Coach's Commitment:

  • Promote parent attendance
  • Forward e-mailsand send home clinic materials
  • Share the provided, "Master Shooting the Noah Way," DVD with other coaches, parents and supporters
  • Commit two hours of gym time. Provide access to the gym 30-minutes prior to the clinic start time for set-up. Clinics last approximately 90-minutes
  • Motivate players to be on time
  • Provide two boy's, and two girl's basketballs
  • Provide chairs or bleachers for parents and players
  • Provide access to an electrical outlet within 50-feet




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