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The Secret to Making More Shots and Winning More Games: Inside a Shooting Clinic Using Noah

Posted by Noah Basketball on Sep 20, 2016 2:47:00 PM

What does every coach and player want to see each time he or she steps on the court for a practice? Improvement. This season, Noah Basketball wants to come to your gym and give each player the tool he or she needs to reach full shooting potential.

Noah Basketball Shooting Clinics are designed to educate players, coaches and fans on how effectively to increase and maintain shooting percentages. What do better shooting percentages mean? More shots made and more wins.

So what exactly goes on in a Noah Shooting Clinic that can help players improve shooting techniques?

Each player will learn his or her individual shot arc, shot depth and shot consistency. Until players understand these variables and how it affects their shooting percentages, they will never reach their full potential as shooters.

At the beginning of each clinic is a 30-minute player evaluation. All players will participate in a session using Noah Instant and receive an arc plot printout that keeps track of his or her individual shots. This will provide detailed information about the player’s current shot and what he or she can do to improve.

Next, a presentation is given on the science of shooting. This will provide an in-depth look at what makes a great shooter and how players can improve their shot. The presentation will also show how many percentage points a player will lose if he or she shoots too flat, too high, too short or too long. Since Noah has worked with college and NBA teams across the country, we will show the arc plots of some of basketball’s best players and how each user compares. We also will explain the many years of Noah shooting research that has helped develop the Noah shooting aids.

After the presentation, players will take what they have learned and begin putting it into practice. Players will be able to see just how quickly they can adjust their shot based on the Noah feedback.

Here are the basics of each clinic:

  • Clinics are approximately 90-minutes
  • Up to 40 players may participate
  • Parents are encouraged to attend
  • Schools who host a Noah Shooting Clinic are eligible to win a Noah Shooting Aid


What does each clinic include?


  • Player Shooting Time on Noah
  • Noah Skill Levels
  • Arc Plots
  • Characteristics of a Great Shooter
  • Shot Depth
  • Shot Alignment
  • Finding Your Arc
  • Release Point
  • Muscle Memory Training
  • Video Analysis


With Noah Basketball’s new Noahlytics data service, players can receive instant feedback after each shot and learn what he or she can do to improve.


Highlights of the new Noahlytics service:


  • The system uses sensor technology to track all shots from anywhere on the floor.
  • The system knows which shots are made, which are missed and how they made or missed.
  • The system measures entry angle and entry position of the ball at the rim. For example, the ball went 8 inches deep and 3 inches to the right.
  • The system knows from where the shot originated. With the shot location as well as the data mentioned above, we can create charts never seen before in basketball. These charts along with our unique grading system allows you to diagnose exactly what a player needs to do to improve their shooting.
  • The Noahlytics site allows you to filter data by shot length, player, area of the court, hoop, makes, misses, etc.



If you would like to schedule a free Noah Shooting Clinic for your team, please fill out a request form here or call us anytime at 1-888-879-6624.