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Posted by Noah Basketball on Apr 17, 2017 8:41:46 AM

The best shooters are known for their consistent shooting seen regularly both in practices and in games. From practice sessions to in-game action, the best shooters use the same shooting motion and technique to maximize their potential to make the shot every time. However, data to truly measure the consistency of the shot has not been available to shooters before now. A shot miss or a make has been tracked for some time, but the advanced technology and analytics provided by the new Noah Shooting System and Noahlytics data service are just now allowing shooters to understand why the shot was made or why it missed.

After years of research and a hundred million shots, Noah Basketball defined the elements of a perfect shot. Shooters should seek to develop strong muscle memory to consistently shoot the ball straight at a 45-degree entry angle and 11 inches deep into the basket. So, how do shooters develop the consistency to hit these metrics in every shot? This insight, paired with instant audible feedback allows shooters to make adjustments immediately, develop muscle memory and ultimately become a more consistent shooter.

The technology and data service allows players to focus more on the details of a shot attempt more so than just about making the shot go in the basket. The three-dimensional technology tracks shots taken from anywhere on the court using state-of-the-art machine vision technology. Players are provided instant, verbal feedback about the shot’s entry angle, shot depth, and left/right position of the ball in the basket in addition to detailed heat mapping and rim maps from the workout. Furthermore, the program’s grading system shares comprehensive shooting analytics, percentages and averages.

Basketball programs at every level from the NBA to high school are using the Noah Shooting System to understand the limits of their shooters’ abilities and help their shooters make adjustments to maintain good shooting mechanics and develop a more consistent shot. While some of the most gifted shooters in the world may not have much margin for improvement, younger players just starting out in the game can use this tool to develop their shooting motion in ways that have never been available before.

Feedback after every shot taken in practice allows players to develop the muscle memory to achieve the right form shot after shot. With a sensor mounted 13 feet above the rim, players do not have to rely on a wearable device or special ball, and coaches and trainers can track to see if players are showing consistency both in practice and in the game. Becoming a better basketball player starts with becoming a better shooter. Developing consistent shooting mechanics is essential to being able to make shots from anywhere on the court. The Noah Shooting System and Noahlytics data service is helping players at every level understand their shot and become more consistent shooters one shot at a time.

You can learn more about how the Noah Shooting System can help your team make more shots and win more games by signing up for a free shooting clinic on our website here.